Thursday, June 18, 2009

#1 Worst Psychic Question - Am I Pregnant?

You would NOT believe how many times I get asked this question EVERY DAY! While this would be a great source of revenues, I feel in the great karmic wheel, that I would be moving in a very negative direction. Plus this DOES NOT NEED MY EXPERTISE!

I KNOW this is a great concern to many young woman, and the repercussion of having an unwanted pregnancy are dire, but the real simple answer here sweetheart is to go to you local drugstore and buy a pregnancy test kit. They are simple to use and highly accurate. Just pee on a strip and wait a little bit.

Now, if you are pregnant, that is a totally different matter. I KNOW you are confused, hurt, feeling alone, and just do not know what to do! FIRST do NOT panic. YOU are NOT alone. There is plenty FREE help for you in this very difficult time of your life. Here are some of the resources you can contact:

On line help for unwanted pregnancies

All about Life Changes
More Choices for Woman Who are Pregnant

American Pregnancy Helpline
Good resources Listed

Pregnancy Help
More Help for Unwanted Pregnancies

I hope this helps you on your journey! Sorry, this question is NOT something that would require my psychic abilities, but for most young girls, I know it is an important one.

With love and affection, Joan


eclecticoddball said...

It's admirable, that while you're frustrated by the question itself, you offer sound advice, and other venues for people in need to find help.

Free Tarot said...

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